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The future is now - Qfaster is here to make Your business grow. Our self checkout solution connects the simplicity of online purchasing and the in-store experience.
Never lose a sale to lines again!

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QFaster for business

QFaster solution significantly improves the shopping experience for your customers by eliminating or significantly reducing tedious lines. Shop staff can now be shifted from cashier positions to floor duty to provide even better service to your customers. QFaster uses anti theft infrastructure you already have and expands on it! The QFaster alarms are only unlocked when paid for!

Shoppers can pay for products using QFaster application and you immediately gain direct communication channel with the customer! Whenever user purchases or even scans any of your products with QFaster app, customised recommendations are presented to him or her.

Item sizes and availability can be easily checked and in case a particular product is not available at a given location, the app will find the closest shop where the item can be purchased!


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QFaster dashboard

QFaster merchant dashboard provides a spectrum of valuable information such as: real time sales information, product availability, trends.You can see how many times a product was scanned but not purchased and ask customers for feedback!

The QFaster platform has a built-in and fully customisable loyalty feature where customers can collect points for purchases and exchange them for products!

In the near future, QFaster platform will be integrated with most popular social networks, giving the users the option to post pictures of their new items directly to their favourite social platforms and link these products back to you!

QFaster solution

"TERRIFIC product! What can I say, the only thing I can do right now is to
wait until I start seeing QFaster in the first stores."

Our System

Our smart anti theft alarm system seamlessly integrates with shop infrastructure whilst enabling cashiereless checkout either completely removing or significantly reducing queues!
Customers can pay for the products anywhere in the shop via the QFaster mobile app installed on their mobile devices by simply scanning the QR code or the anti theft alarm itself!

The application lets the user select their prefered method of payment, i.e. credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay.
Once customer paid for the product, she or he can simply remove the QFaster smart alarm and simply leave the shop!

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